Information of Dubious Value!!

About MEH: You may know me, or may not know me, but I go by several names online. For the last few years I've been using the name Harry. Yep, simple name and easy to remember. If you're interested in knowing what I look like, here's a picture of me. Yes, that's really me, a couple years old but a good picture none the less. That picture was taken at the Armalite secret prototype development bunker, and the weapon I'm holding is the prototype AR-50. For those of you who may ask, no I wasn't firing as that picture was taken. The concussive force from firing the weapon on the person taking the picture would have likely made them disoriented or dizzy. If you've never shot a .50 caliber rifle, well, it's impressive to put in mildly.

EMC Clariion/VNX/VNXe: Big storage vendors really like to hose their customers. Let me correct that, ALL storage vendors like to hose their customers. Basic features they like to charge extra for. If you want something like a reporting engine so you know how your system is operating and has been operating... well get ready to shell out the big cash for that. Here's a fun way to parse nar files.

Big Ugly Buicks: Apparently people have been visiting my site under the mistaken impression that it has something to do with buicks and 7.5 liter engines. I'm not sure what would have given them that impression. I guess to induldge these folks who want this stuff I'll toss up some pictures to some old busted up Buicks I used to own. Enjoy!

HTPC Nonsense: My latest endevor has been to slap together a htpc media center which is coming along nicely. Currently I'm in the stages of scanning in all my DVD covers.

Blue Light Specials: What's wrong with all the home entertainment manufacturers today. Maybe a better way of putting it is... WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU IDIOTS LIKING THE BLING BLING BLUE LIGHTS EVERY WHERE. I think it's a symptom of people with bad eyesight and horrible televisions. So, having their contrast perception screwed up by a brigh blue light doesn't even phase them. I guess they just don't know their TV sucks when its contrast goes from white to gray. Purge the blue one device at a time.

Die Young: Do you want to live forever? I don't either.... I just want to live long enough so I can do the dog butt scoot on my enemies grave in front of their surviving families. To that end, I present you... THIS

Bonnie: So, I used to know this girl named Bonnie.

Fishies: Everybody likes fish!! Don't they?

Freedom: Freedom is freedom to be dumb and that's what seperates the good projects from the bad ones.

Slothfullness: Well, maybe I'll add somemore to this site later. If I'm feeling less lazy....